Monarch Sky

Monarch Sky is a female fronted Alternative Metal group from Edmonton, Canada

New Horizons

Between gaining 2 new bandmily members, prepping them for big shows, opening up for Kobra And The Lotus at the Starlite Room, opening up for Cancer Bats, Pennywise & Danzig at The Shaw Conference Center, going on a little road trip to Calgary this past weekend to play Dickens Pub, and *gasp for air* writing new songs; the callouses are beginning to form as we claw our way up this mountain.

We've been hard at work making this thing move forward since we took a few steps back with half our lineup parting ways back in April, but we're stoked to say that we crushed our goals and it already feels like we've taken 5 more steps forward after just a few months. Not only have Cody and Ryan learned our entire set in just a few months, but we've also written a few new songs already, and let me tell you guys that this stuff is heavier and more melodic than anything we've done yet! It's amazing what hard work will get you when you jump over your hurdles.

Everyone's been asking about the Danzig show, and we haven't really said much about it yet because that kind of epicness is tough to put into words. If you were there then you got to experience it with us, if not then you definitely missed out! Unfortunately because of technical difficulties our set had to get cut short, and there wasn't enough time to get a real sound check in, but we made the most of every minute we got on that ginormous stage. People have also been asking to see pictures, however no cameras are allowed during Danzig's tour so we have no footage of any of it other than a couple shots that were sneaked from the side of the stage. Other than that it was a blast and we can only hope for more similar opportunities in the near future.


With Summer upon us, and the Danzig show fading away in the rear view mirror, a couple of us are headed out on holidays for a much needed intermission this month. We will be doing lots of writing in the mean time to prepare for recording again in the fall, yes that's right folks, we're headed back to the studio to bring you something new! We can't release any other details yet, but we are so excited to show you guys what we've been working on. Stay tuned for updates because exciting things are in the making and we think you guys are gonna love it!

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