Monarch Sky

Monarch Sky is a female fronted Alternative Metal group from Edmonton, Canada

Monarch Sky 2.0

Because we suck at keeping up with these posts, this is gonna be a long one. Now where to start...

A lot has happened for us since the release of Sound Of Flight back in January. We were riding a high for a while after the release, floating on top of the clouds. The inspiration hit us hard and we started writing a bunch of new material which we were pretty stoked about. Even heavier and even more melodic stuff than we could have ever imagined writing. Unfortunately every high must eventually come to an end however, and we hit a road block. Between work schedule conflicts and other personal priorities, tension went in and creativity suffered.  Eventually some explosions happened and Jeremy decided to part ways and focus on his other project Fear Of City. Shortly after, Jason decided that parting ways would be best for everyone as well. explaining that he wanted to pursue his passion for a different style of music. There was a brief moment where we almost packed up and jumped off this train. All this hard work, 3 solid years of us pouring our heart and soul into this monster we created, just to walk away from it all? We couldn't. The brief moment faded away as quickly as it had appeared and we vowed to let this beast reign until there's nothing left. Almost immediately we put a call out for new musicians and the out pour of responses was almost overwhelming. After trying a couple of guys out we just recently welcomed Cody Reid on bass and Ryan Clark on guitar into the new bandmily.

Now for the crazy part...

We are strong believers that everything in life happens for a reason. Shortly after we made the decision to keep this train rolling, we received an email from Union Events asking us to open up for Danzig, Pennywise, and Cancer Bats on July 25th at The Shaw Conference Center! (tix available here) Obviously we graciously accepted and are absolutely stoked for this opportunity.

But wait... there's more!

Last week we also got asked to open up for Kobra And The Lotus and The Order Of Chaos at The Starlite Room on June 14th! (tix available here)

Now for the biggest news of all!

Monarch Sky was approached by Inner Light Agency based in Los Angeles and will be working closely with Damon Moreno and Bruce Swink (former Roadrunner Records) beginning June 6th! We are really excited to be joining the Inner Light Agency family and are psyched to see what kind of exciting opportunities will arise from here!

So as you can see, there is LOTS happening right now! We've also already written some new material with the new guys and we think you guys are gonna love it! Wanna hear what we've been working on? Be sure to check out one of our shows coming up!

Thanks so much to all of our friends, family, and fans for your continued support through all of this!


Monarch Sky


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