Monarch Sky

Monarch Sky is a female fronted Alternative Metal group from Edmonton, Canada

Extra Life - Last Week To Make Your Donation!

Monarch Sky will be channeling our inner geeks and have joined Extra-Life this year with the means to raise money for sick children at our very own Stollery Children's Hospital through the Children's Miracle Network. Our goal is $1000, but we hope to exceed that with your help!

On November 7th of this year the 4 of us will be putting down our instruments and picking up our controllers to go head to head in a 24 hour gaming marathon. We will be live streaming the event from our living room so you can watch the comedy that ensues when we get hopped up on too much sugar and don't sleep for 24 hours.

We also dare any of you to create your own team and play along with us. We'll provide our gamer tags and links for streaming before the event.

Until then, please help a child in need by following the link below and choosing a team member to make your donation to. Your donation is tax deductible and 100% of the proceeds go directly to The Stollery Children's Hospital. We ask that you donate $1 per hour ($24), but every little bit helps and there is no amount too small!

To make your donation simply follow the link below, choose your team member under the "Roster" tab (it doesn't matter who, it's all going to same place) and click "Support Me".…

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