Monarch Sky

Monarch Sky is a female fronted Alternative Metal group from Edmonton, Canada

Tour De BC

As most of you know, on July 27th we kicked off our first tour. We've all been extremely busy since we've been back, so I'm just finding time to write about it now.

Saturday, July 27th

We met up at 11am at Jame's studio "Two Bodies Of Water" on the west end to pack up the trailer that I already hated (long boring story). We decided to have a rehearsal before hand since we had been too busy the previous week to do so. I mostly listened to them jam while James tried to remember my lyrics cause they didn't want any strain on my voice before the tour. Afterward we packed up the gear and loaded up the trailer. Everyone packed light but me... they expected it. These were just my clothes:

Just Brandy's clothes

The bus and trailer all loaded up! 

Ready to rock! 

After making a pit stop for some necessities at Long & McQuade, we headed out to our first show at "Vern's" in Calgary. When we arrived in Calgary we were a bit early but the doors to Vern's were open. We were greeted by a big beast of a man who introduced himself as Clint who happened to be the owner of the bar. We loaded in our gear, and since we were the first band on, we did our set up and sound check. After soundcheck we went and grabbed some food at a local Irish Pub. After food, James went back to the van to change, and the rest of us went on the hunt for a tea from Tim Hortons. We had no idea where we were going, but we figured it couldn't be far considering there's practically one on every block in Edmonton. We wandered for a while and then suddenly while checking our phones for the nearest Timmies, Jason saw Kieffer Sutherland pass by. Brandy went and chased him down, and Mike got his picture taken with him.

Mike & Kieffer Sutherland

We asked him what he was doing in Calgary and he said he was there shooting something but he wouldn't say what. Coincidentally the next day he was on the front page of the Calgary Sun partying at one of the local bars.  After our adventure, we made our way back to Vern's, tea in hand.

The show went on without a hitch. We played with some great talent, including "Naughtlia" who wound up being one of my favorite bands we played with on the whole tour. These guys were dressed up in drag, had their faces painted, and sounded like Radiohead, but better. We also had the pleasure of playing with "Centuri", "Labradoodle", and headliners "Silent Line"




Silent Line

Sunday, July 28th

We woke up Sunday morning at Mike's Aunt & Uncle's acreage just outside of Calgary. They made us a feast of pancakes and fruit salad before we thanked them for their hospitality and made our way toward Canmore, AB. I was eager to get to the mountains. There's something about the mountain air that makes me never want to leave them, especially those Rockies! Once we arrived in Canmore, we were greeted by my friend Tim, an old friend that I've known since high school. He was the Head Chef at the Canmore Hotel, and was also the very reason we were invited to play there.  He showed us to our rooms at the 120 year old haunted hotel. We settled in, and then Tim took us on a guided tour of the town of Canmore.

Monarch Sky in Canmore, AB

After a refreshing walk, we drank some beers and had some grub in the green room where we met some other musicians from out of town, and then we made our way down to the bar for the live jam. The talent that played there that night was phenomenal! A few sets were played before we were called on stage. We played a solid half hour set and then were followed by even more talent! One of the sets that sticks out most vividly in my mind was led by a gentleman from Canmore, who just so happens to own a local campsite. This guy, I swear, was the re-incarnation of Jim Morrison. Not so much in the looks, but his voice and mannerisms were uncanny. We had the pleasure of meeting him afterward, unfortunately I can't remember his name, but he was also a very poetic creature to boot.

Jim Morrison The Second tearing up the stage! 

After the show, we went back up to the green room with some other musicians and had some more drinks before going back to our eerie hotel rooms for some much needed sleep. 

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