Monarch Sky

Monarch Sky is a female fronted Alternative Metal group from Edmonton, Canada

If the shirt fits

It was like Christmas at the studio last night, except Santa trimmed his beard and dyed it black. The t-shirts are in and are beautiful! James went to pick them up on Monday morning but the orange in the logo had printed red so we wound up with a box of orange logo shirts and another box of red logo shirts. This led us on to thinking that perhaps we might release some other colors in the future. We are planning on releasing our t-shirts at our next show which is at Avenue Theater on March 15th, so if you want a shirt, come see us play! If you can't make it out or live far away, we will soon be adding a store page to our site and you will be able to purchase them online.

In other news we are in the midst of recording our EP and everything is sounding fantastic! All the instruments have been recorded and I will be going in to track vocals very soon. Jason's hand is healing up nicely and we also have some shows coming up in the Edmonton area so be sure to check out our "shows" page to keep up to date.

Lastly, we have our BC summer tour dates confirmed! Between July 26th-August 11th we will be making our way westward playing shows between Red Deer and Vancouver. We will announce the actual booking dates as they come.

Till then,

Peace, Love, and Rock n Roll!
Queen B


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