Monarch Sky

Monarch Sky is a female fronted Alternative Metal group from Edmonton, Canada


Today marks 3 years since the beginning of Monarch Sky! In 3 years we have released 2 studio EPs, ran a successful IndieGogo campaign where we blew our goal out of the water, got nominated for 2 EMAs, had a track featured on the EMA compilation CD, toured Western Canada, shot a music video, played tons of renowned stages with many talented musicians, and just this past Summer we got the opportunity to open up for Danzig, Pennywise, and Cancer Bats at the Shaw Conference Center. We've made lots of new friends and memories over these past few years and are looking forward to making more in the next year ahead. Being in a band has been one of the most rewarding experiences of my entire life! We have so many plans in store for you guys, and very soon we will be heading into the studio to drop you guys a brand new single. Having Cody and Ryan join the band has breathed new life into Monarch Sky and we are eager to show you guys what we have been working on. One thing we can promise you is that it will be heavier than anything Monarch Sky has ever produced and it's going to blow your socks off! We were supposed to hit the studio again next weekend, but unfortunately Mike got a pretty nasty shoulder injury a few weeks ago and it's been a bit of a slow healing process. We'll be back to the grind before you know it, we'll keep you guys updated!

Until then, be sure to come celebrate Halloween with us at the Rendezvous on Friday, October 30th with our friends Fear Of City, Juliet Ruin, and Tymo!

Thanks for your continued support guys, we love you all!


New Horizons

Between gaining 2 new bandmily members, prepping them for big shows, opening up for Kobra And The Lotus at the Starlite Room, opening up for Cancer Bats, Pennywise & Danzig at The Shaw Conference Center, going on a little road trip to Calgary this past weekend to play Dickens Pub, and *gasp for air* writing new songs; the callouses are beginning to form as we claw our way up this mountain.

We've been hard at work making this thing move forward since we took a few steps back with half our lineup parting ways back in April, but we're stoked to say that we crushed our goals and it already feels like we've taken 5 more steps forward after just a few months. Not only have Cody and Ryan learned our entire set in just a few months, but we've also written a few new songs already, and let me tell you guys that this stuff is heavier and more melodic than anything we've done yet! It's amazing what hard work will get you when you jump over your hurdles.

Everyone's been asking about the Danzig show, and we haven't really said much about it yet because that kind of epicness is tough to put into words. If you were there then you got to experience it with us, if not then you definitely missed out! Unfortunately because of technical difficulties our set had to get cut short, and there wasn't enough time to get a real sound check in, but we made the most of every minute we got on that ginormous stage. People have also been asking to see pictures, however no cameras are allowed during Danzig's tour so we have no footage of any of it other than a couple shots that were sneaked from the side of the stage. Other than that it was a blast and we can only hope for more similar opportunities in the near future.


With Summer upon us, and the Danzig show fading away in the rear view mirror, a couple of us are headed out on holidays for a much needed intermission this month. We will be doing lots of writing in the mean time to prepare for recording again in the fall, yes that's right folks, we're headed back to the studio to bring you something new! We can't release any other details yet, but we are so excited to show you guys what we've been working on. Stay tuned for updates because exciting things are in the making and we think you guys are gonna love it!

Monarch Sky 2.0

Because we suck at keeping up with these posts, this is gonna be a long one. Now where to start...

A lot has happened for us since the release of Sound Of Flight back in January. We were riding a high for a while after the release, floating on top of the clouds. The inspiration hit us hard and we started writing a bunch of new material which we were pretty stoked about. Even heavier and even more melodic stuff than we could have ever imagined writing. Unfortunately every high must eventually come to an end however, and we hit a road block. Between work schedule conflicts and other personal priorities, tension went in and creativity suffered.  Eventually some explosions happened and Jeremy decided to part ways and focus on his other project Fear Of City. Shortly after, Jason decided that parting ways would be best for everyone as well. explaining that he wanted to pursue his passion for a different style of music. There was a brief moment where we almost packed up and jumped off this train. All this hard work, 3 solid years of us pouring our heart and soul into this monster we created, just to walk away from it all? We couldn't. The brief moment faded away as quickly as it had appeared and we vowed to let this beast reign until there's nothing left. Almost immediately we put a call out for new musicians and the out pour of responses was almost overwhelming. After trying a couple of guys out we just recently welcomed Cody Reid on bass and Ryan Clark on guitar into the new bandmily.

Now for the crazy part...

We are strong believers that everything in life happens for a reason. Shortly after we made the decision to keep this train rolling, we received an email from Union Events asking us to open up for Danzig, Pennywise, and Cancer Bats on July 25th at The Shaw Conference Center! (tix available here) Obviously we graciously accepted and are absolutely stoked for this opportunity.

But wait... there's more!

Last week we also got asked to open up for Kobra And The Lotus and The Order Of Chaos at The Starlite Room on June 14th! (tix available here)

Now for the biggest news of all!

Monarch Sky was approached by Inner Light Agency based in Los Angeles and will be working closely with Damon Moreno and Bruce Swink (former Roadrunner Records) beginning June 6th! We are really excited to be joining the Inner Light Agency family and are psyched to see what kind of exciting opportunities will arise from here!

So as you can see, there is LOTS happening right now! We've also already written some new material with the new guys and we think you guys are gonna love it! Wanna hear what we've been working on? Be sure to check out one of our shows coming up!

Thanks so much to all of our friends, family, and fans for your continued support through all of this!


Monarch Sky


The Sound Of Flight...

Things are always happening for Monarch Sky, we like to keep ourselves busy! This past year has been full of playing shows and festivals, gaining new bassist "Jeremy Pond", and writing a brand new album. Now that Summer is winding down, we are winding up and getting ready to hit the studio! We played our last show of the Summer last night at The Rendezvous, and if you missed it, you'll have to wait for our CD release party sometime in November. We've written 5 new songs to make our new EP "Sound Of Flight", and we have our first session booked at the studio with Producer Quinn Cyrankiewicz to record the first single of the album in the beginning of September.

The timing on the rest of the recording will depend on how much help we receive from YOU! We are currently running an IndieGogo crowdfunding campaign to help fund our album. We have so far raised $1605 of our $5000 goal, with 32 days left on the campaign. With every contribution you have the option to choose from one of our perks ranging from $25-$1000. Each perk offers an assortment of Monarch Sky goodies which you will receive after the campaign is complete.

If you would like to learn more about our campaign or make a contribution, please follow the link below:

Once we reach the half way point we will be releasing the artwork for the limited edition merch.

Stay tuned for more updates, and follow us on Facebook!

Thanks for all your continued support!

Monarch Sky

Happy Holidays From Monarch Sky!

Another year has come and past! All in a year's work we've released our first EP, played many exciting shows on big stages with very talented musicians, had radio interviews, went on our first tour, and we even filmed our first "official" music video for our first single "Circles". Not only was Circles our first single, but it was the very first song Monarch Sky wrote together before the band was even formed, so it holds a special place in our hearts (yes we have hearts). We contemplated releasing the video on Christmas Day, then Boxing Day, but we got a little busy with the holidays so today is better than any.

So without much further ado, I am extremely proud to introduce the official music video of our first song "Circles"!

We will also be announcing some new show dates soon so stay tuned!

We hope everyone had a Merry Christmas and we hope your 2014 rocks as much as you all do!

Thanks for all your continued support!



It feels like it's been a million years since our last blog post, back in the day when it roamed the plains with the brontosaurus. There are so many things to tell you guys... where to begin.

I so badly wanted to keep a journal while we were on our tour back in August but I didn't and i regret it. We had an amazing trip to BC where we slept in haunted hotel rooms, met Kieffer Sutherland, played on rock star stages with some great talent, swam in the ocean, ate strange food, and had to push the tour van towing a trailer up a mountain to play a private show in the most beautiful place any of us had ever seen. A place that I doubt any of us would ever be able to find again. We met some great musicians, wrote some new songs, had a ton of fun, and made some new fans which was our ultimate goal!

The tour bus all loaded up and ready to go! 

The tour bus all loaded up and ready to go! 

Radio interview in Vancouver

Radio interview in Vancouver

Writing songs on the dock

Writing songs on the dock

One of the many beautiful places we got to stay

One of the many beautiful places we got to stay

Mike & Kieffer Sutherland

Mike & Kieffer Sutherland



The Electric Demons tearing up the stage at Joe's Apartment in Vancouver

The Electric Demons tearing up the stage at Joe's Apartment in Vancouver

Since we've been back we've written some new material which some of you may have heard at our first show back from tour on October 11th at the Tavern On Whyte. You also may have noticed that we had recruited a new bassist by the name of Genaro Martino. If you missed the show, James said his farewells mid-set as we introduced Geno to finish the set with us. We will miss James dearly, but he is taking the time out to put into his number one love, his recording studio Two Bodies Of Water Productions. If you are a band looking to record, James will make you sound amazing at a great price!

With James leaving we had to find a new jam space because we rehearsed at his studio. This is our pretty new home at the West Edmonton Music Society: 

Our new jam space at the West Edmonton Music Society

The West Edmonton Music Society is a society of musicians who gather several times a week at their space on the west end and play music. They have an open stage where members go and put their name up on the board and get a half hour time slot to jam, play a set, try new things...etc. Mike and I recently became members and have met some great people, not to mention have heard some amazing talent come out of there!

Promo shot with Geno our new bassist

Promo shot with Geno our new bassist

To top all that off, we filmed our first music video last month in a warehouse in the middle of the night. We filmed the video for our first single "Circles" which can be heard on our "music" page. I have been hard at work cutting and editing, and we are hoping to release it next month. We will have more details about it soon.

Until then we will be hard at work writing more new songs and planning more exciting things for the near future. We are also in the process of booking more shows which we will have up on our "shows" page soon! Stay tuned!

Tour De BC

As most of you know, on July 27th we kicked off our first tour. We've all been extremely busy since we've been back, so I'm just finding time to write about it now.

Saturday, July 27th

We met up at 11am at Jame's studio "Two Bodies Of Water" on the west end to pack up the trailer that I already hated (long boring story). We decided to have a rehearsal before hand since we had been too busy the previous week to do so. I mostly listened to them jam while James tried to remember my lyrics cause they didn't want any strain on my voice before the tour. Afterward we packed up the gear and loaded up the trailer. Everyone packed light but me... they expected it. These were just my clothes:

Just Brandy's clothes

The bus and trailer all loaded up! 

Ready to rock! 

After making a pit stop for some necessities at Long & McQuade, we headed out to our first show at "Vern's" in Calgary. When we arrived in Calgary we were a bit early but the doors to Vern's were open. We were greeted by a big beast of a man who introduced himself as Clint who happened to be the owner of the bar. We loaded in our gear, and since we were the first band on, we did our set up and sound check. After soundcheck we went and grabbed some food at a local Irish Pub. After food, James went back to the van to change, and the rest of us went on the hunt for a tea from Tim Hortons. We had no idea where we were going, but we figured it couldn't be far considering there's practically one on every block in Edmonton. We wandered for a while and then suddenly while checking our phones for the nearest Timmies, Jason saw Kieffer Sutherland pass by. Brandy went and chased him down, and Mike got his picture taken with him.

Mike & Kieffer Sutherland

We asked him what he was doing in Calgary and he said he was there shooting something but he wouldn't say what. Coincidentally the next day he was on the front page of the Calgary Sun partying at one of the local bars.  After our adventure, we made our way back to Vern's, tea in hand.

The show went on without a hitch. We played with some great talent, including "Naughtlia" who wound up being one of my favorite bands we played with on the whole tour. These guys were dressed up in drag, had their faces painted, and sounded like Radiohead, but better. We also had the pleasure of playing with "Centuri", "Labradoodle", and headliners "Silent Line"




Silent Line

Sunday, July 28th

We woke up Sunday morning at Mike's Aunt & Uncle's acreage just outside of Calgary. They made us a feast of pancakes and fruit salad before we thanked them for their hospitality and made our way toward Canmore, AB. I was eager to get to the mountains. There's something about the mountain air that makes me never want to leave them, especially those Rockies! Once we arrived in Canmore, we were greeted by my friend Tim, an old friend that I've known since high school. He was the Head Chef at the Canmore Hotel, and was also the very reason we were invited to play there.  He showed us to our rooms at the 120 year old haunted hotel. We settled in, and then Tim took us on a guided tour of the town of Canmore.

Monarch Sky in Canmore, AB

After a refreshing walk, we drank some beers and had some grub in the green room where we met some other musicians from out of town, and then we made our way down to the bar for the live jam. The talent that played there that night was phenomenal! A few sets were played before we were called on stage. We played a solid half hour set and then were followed by even more talent! One of the sets that sticks out most vividly in my mind was led by a gentleman from Canmore, who just so happens to own a local campsite. This guy, I swear, was the re-incarnation of Jim Morrison. Not so much in the looks, but his voice and mannerisms were uncanny. We had the pleasure of meeting him afterward, unfortunately I can't remember his name, but he was also a very poetic creature to boot.

Jim Morrison The Second tearing up the stage! 

After the show, we went back up to the green room with some other musicians and had some more drinks before going back to our eerie hotel rooms for some much needed sleep. 


Wednesday nights are jam nights for Monarch Sky. This past Wednesday we received our beautiful CDs and bathed in all their glory... literally.


Can't wait for the show!! 



I feel lately there is no longer enough time in a day to accomplish all that needs to be done. Sometimes we become so busy that we forget to make time for ourselves. It has been over 2 weeks since I have had a moment to breathe, but so much is being accomplished so it can be justified. The E.P. is DONE! We named it Embryo, and it has 6 beautiful tracks that we poured our souls into. On June 29th we will be releasing it to the public for the first time at Brixx Bar & Grill at our CD release party. You won't wanna miss this one cause besides 2 music festivals in the same weekend, it will be our last local show till fall. You might get a sneak peak if you tune into "Altered States" on CJSR Edmonton at midnight the evening of the 28th. You can tune into 88.5 FM or you can stream it online here:

As for the other shows, we will be playing the Dragonfly Festival on June 30th at Wabamun Lake, and we will be headlining The Alberta Beach Canada Day Festival on July 01st followed by a massive firework display. This will be the closest we've ever been to getting our own pyrotechnics. At our show on the 29th we will also have new t-shirts, stickers, and 2 new songs fresh from the oven. At the end of July we head out west on tour toward Vancouver. Be sure to check out our "shows" page to keep up to date on our tour dates. We will be updating them as they are confirmed. We have lots of exciting things in the works right now and can't wait to share them all with you. Remember to join our mailing list on the home page and "like" us on Facebook to keep up with all our news!




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